The official announcement of Fallout 4

The official announcement of Fallout 4 took place on June 3, 2015. The Bethesda company published the debut trailer of game which is completely finished shooting by means of a game engine without additional processing.

Bethesda Softworks command led by Todd Howard who supervised before operation over Fallout 3 works on game.

New game will appear on sale on consoles Xbox One, Playstation 4, and also on PC.

Action of Fallout 4 will be torn in Boston, the State of Massachusetts. Despite the lack of official confirmation, on one of a frame of rollers there are some key locations which were recognized directly by residents and those who in it happened.

In a roller showed the Capitol of the State of Massachusetts, a statue Paula Rivera, and also the well-known Bostonskaya Square.

Players should go deep into history of a shelter 111 which number flickers both on a multiton door of a shelter, and on a suit of the main character. Together with the main character, obviously, also the German shepherd who flickered on images of the Fallout series earlier will travel.


Traveling in itself with a dog is sending to a series of Mad Max, which for the first time появлась in the very first games Fallout.

In more detail developers promised to tell about the new game at the E3 2015 exhibition. Bethesda Softworks for the first time for the history will arrive on an exhibition with own press conference where and to provide to fans of a detail of long-awaited continuation of a series. The press conference of the publisher is planned for June 14. Read on guide.

 New fighting system because in the previous parts it is a little poor. It is more than humour! It is more than madness! All this is weaved by a plot not worse, than at bioshock. And all remaining to the discretion of developers